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Mock inspections and OSHA training

osha safety inspection

Are you unsure on how to design a successful safety program or need to update your existing one?  Let us come to you!

We have coached many employers to OSHA Citation and Penalty Free inspections!!  You could be next!

We have been assisting companies with OSHA Compliance and Safety Programs and assisted thousands of employees and employers in a variety of industries.  We specialize in designing sustainable behavior based safety programs that will meet your needs.

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OSHA Document Reviews

OSHA complaintReceiving an OSHA Citatiation, a letter from OSHA indicating that you have been identified as a “target” or a letter indicating they have received a complaint can be extremely intimidating.  There will be deadlines and statute requirements and you are most likely feeling a bit overwhelmed.  We can give you peace of mind and help you ensure you are compliant with regulations, professional correspondence, informal conferences and abatement responses.

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Cannabis and Marijuana

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You found the “go-to” company in the cannabis industry for all things related to employee safety and OSHA Compliance.

The most frequent question we receive is “Do OSHA regulations even apply?” The answer is Yes, they absolutely do! and this misunderstanding leaves many employees at risk for injury and employers in jeopardy of extremely high fines or losing their businesses.

OSHA regulations apply to every employer with one or more employees and this industry is no exception.

OSHA officers have inspected and issued citations and fines at marijuana facilities.

Dispensaries and grow facilities can and have been inspected because of employee complaints and referrals from other agencies.

We have been successful in closing OSHA’s files without inspection.

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Ergonomic Evaluations


Training :

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker.”  We love this technical description, but what does that really mean?   Participants will gain a keen understanding of what it means to have an “ergonomic work area”, why it matters and what small changes make a big improvement. Creating an ergonomic work environment doesn’t always involve purchasing major equipment. Many times, adopting small changes to exiting work stations can positively impact an employee’s entire life.  We will provide a lot of tips so participants can start looking at their own workstations right away.  Increase morale and productivity in one fun hour!

Onsite Evaluations:

We offer office and workplace Ergonomic Evaluations and are often able to make changes with existing equipment.  If appropriate, save the time, stress and money from buying “ergonomic” equipment that doesn’t work or isn’t the right fit for your employee.

We evaluate much more than just equipment including work postures, movements, repetitiveness, pace of work, force of movements, vibration and temperature. We specialize in adapting current spaces and processes rather than just telling employers to purchase a lot of new equipment. Proper ergonomics is essential to health and productivity!

10 and 30 Hour OSHA Courses

osha 10, osha 30 trainingCall 1-877-646-4974 today or email support@theoshaconnection.com to schedule an OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 hour course today!  We tailor our courses to meet the needs of your establishment and your industry.  Upon completion, you will receive a certification card from the Department of Labor.  Courses are offered for both General Industry and Construction

Security and Transportation of Valuable Assets

securityCompanies needing THE BEST security services and company nationwide, come to us. This security team is run by highly experienced former law enforcement and military personnel providing the best in security, transportation of valuable assets and technology solutions anywhere.  Please contact 1-877-646-4974 or support@theoshaconnection.com for more information or a free quote.

Workers Compensation Cost Reduction

We guarantee to help you lower your workers’ compensation costs.  In some cases, we’ve helped employers reduce their annual workers’ compensation expenses by millions of dollars and as much as 67%.  Let us help you-  no matter the number of cases (even if you only have 1).  1-877-646-4974 or support@theoshaconnection.com

work comp injury premium lower

We have proven and time-substantiated methods that will help you today.  Just a few minutes of your time can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.

Virtual OSHA regulation assistance

virtual osha complianceVirtual Assistance is the fastest way to get the information you need!  You have found our most popular level of assistance.  Although we do have a full team of consultants throughout the United States, we have found that many of our clients prefer the additional flexibility that our Virtual Assistance provides. Record your work environment with your equipment OR ours. We will review and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to implement the OSHA regulations that are necessary to prevent injuries and avoid unnecessary fines.

We also offer custom and pre-designed webinars and telephone consultations. If we aren’t able to assist you, you won’t pay!  Bottom line- we are here to help you succeed so call 1-877-646-4974 today or email support@theoshaconnection.com!

Effective and Easy Safety Programs

safety committee

We can help you implement a successful safety program that will make your competitors jealous and your employees loyal!

We offer assistance where and how you need it: whether your are comfortable doing it yourself or would like guidance, let us meet your needs and help you reach your goals.  Call 1-877-646-4974 today or email support@theoshaconnection.com!

Risk Management Program Evaluation

program evaluation

Is your risk management program running as smoothly as you would like? Do you feel like your Safety Committee is unproductive or lacks motivation? Has your safety program stalled and you aren’t sure what to do? Do your employees have a lot of injuries and you don’t know how to stop it? We can help- 1-877-646-4974 or support@theoshaconnection.com.

Our team is highly trained and dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for you. A motivating safety culture can be achieved- let us show you how to make it work for you!

Online and Webinar Training

safety osha training online

OSHA requires initial ongoing training and cites routinely on employers failure to either offer training, repeat needed training or simply lack of training documentation.  Thousands of dollars are spent each year on fines that could be easily avoided.

We offer online training that is time-saving and affordable.

1)       Perfect for the busy individual: on-demand, self-paced courses are available 24 hours a day that is not only inexpensive, but also extremely thorough and effective. Interactive, Multi-Media courses will keep you engaged and wanting more. Quality Content that has been verified by Industry Experts. Millions of students have attended these same courses.

2)        Upon completion and test-passing,you receive a Certificate of Completion guaranteeing that you have the records that you need.

3)       Tailored, live or recorded webinars allows users to interact with an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer and are scheduled for a time that is convenient for you.  Topics include: Recordkeeping, Being an Effective Claim Coordinator, Running a Successful Safety Committee, Lockout/Tagout, How to fill out an OSHA log 101, Introduction to OSHA, Noise Exposure, Slip/Trip & Fall Prevention, Exit Routes & Emergency Action Plans, Flammable/Combustible Materials, Hazardous Materials, Hazard Communication Program, Fall Protection, Bloodborne Pathogens, Preparing for a Visit from OSHA and more..

Please call us at 1-877-646-4974 or email support@theoshaconnection.com! Call today and schedule training!

ADA inspection

ADA inspection Colorado

We are pleased to help our communities by evaluating workplaces and commercial sites for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Call 1-877-646-4974 or email support@theoshaconnection.com today!

No Matter What Industry You Are In

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