Praise For The OSHA Connection

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU! The amount of money we are saving will be incredible

Christy Crook, President Phoenix Masonry, Inc.




I would not hesitate to recommend The OSHA Connection to any of my clients or friends!

I'm pretty familiar with OSHA regs from my professional certification and from having taken the OSHA 10 hour course. Jolene is tops! Not only does she thoroughly know OSHA regs, she has the ability to take what could be scary sounding rules and boil them down into simple action steps for busy business owners. She relates. Some consultants work better with a particular industry. Jolene can switch hats and move freely between very different organizations, providing expert advice and assistance should OSHA come knocking. I would not hesitate to recommend The OSHA Connection to any of my clients or friends.


Mark W.

HR Consultant

OSHA came and went- no penalties, no citations!

Thank you!  We could not have done it without you.  You helped us prepare and your assistance during the visit was invaluable.  I am so grateful and definitely impressed!


Trevor S.


Jolene was a very effective trainer

I would definitely take another course from her!


OSHA's Region VII Training Center


Jolene did a great job...

with teaching and explaining this course.  I highly recommend!  (OSHA General Industry 30 hour)


OSHA's Region VIII Training Center


Jolene is a fantastic instructor

who teaches with energy, understanding and patience.  I would recommend this class to anyone!


(OSHA General Industry 30 Hour)


OSHA's Region VIII Training Center


Concise and Succinct

The training was concise and succinct - - - just right. Thanks!


Beverly D

Human Resource Director

Now I Know What I'm Doing!

Thanks you have been a great help to me. You very quickly established yourself as a credible source.


Cindy M

Staff Development Coordinator

Thank You

I appreciate your energy, support and advice. Thank you!


Michelle C

Human Resource Coordinator


The training was fabulous. I learned some things I wasn’t aware of. Thanks!


Jodi B

Office Manager


AWESOME Training!! Thank you!  I feel like my team can make better decisions where workers' compensation is concerned and has been empowered like never before!


Tanya L.

Region Human Resource Director

Very Helpful!

I am the Safety Coordinator for my facility and am relatively new to the role.  I found your assistance very helpful and useful and I appreciate your efforts!  Thanks for the great info!


Rachel R

Safety Coordinator

Finally I Feel Comfortable with the Process

I just wanted to let you know that I updated my OSHA log and Claims. I am so excited…finally I feel comfortable with the process. Thank you so much for the training.


Sandra G

Administrative Assistant

Very Valuable

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I did find the session on Safety Programs very valuable and worth my time. It answered questions that have been coming to mind. You do a great job and I appreciate you!


Melanie G

Safety Program Director

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