Are you an HR professional who got handed the responsibility of workers compensation?

Is it just an “add on” that you have to “deal with”?

Have you ever been asked if there is a way to lower claim costs and you really don’t have an answer?

How would you like to impress your boss, save the company money?

We can teach you how worker’s compensation claims really work inside and out.


Our classes will make sure your entire human resource team can process claims and at the same time address the HUMAN element making sure your employees get quality medical care.


Your ethics are to care about the people who work for you, we give you the tools to ensure that stays true.

Keep the people that work with you happier

and more productive.

Pick up the phone and call 877 646 4974, and let’s make sure you have the tools information and training you need to lower long term insurance premiums, and your improve your Experience Modification Rating.

Put the HUMAN in your Human Resources.

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