We work with a lot of different industries and each owner has a unique challenge, environment and hazards. One thing remains the same, no one wants to pay the government money when they don’t have to. And yes, sometimes it seems like there’s this big ominous threat of OSHA always looming, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

With a little prep work and strategic systems in place, the threat of OSHA can be a thing of the past for a couple of reasons. We find when employers that properly implement a safety program, really good things happen.  First, employees feel like management cares about them like never before. Morale naturally increases and you can really see teamwork build in a variety of areas, not just safety.  Next, implementing safety procedures just makes things safer, which means healthier workers and more production.  This results in lower WC premiums and higher production- a win-win for any business.

OSHA regulations are not just laws to hang over our heads, they are actually best practices that field experts (not the government) have evaluated and determined to be the safest way to do something. Isn’t that fantastic that we don’t have to learn from our own mistakes- we can learn from industry experts?  And, by using best practices to run a business, it’s only natural to take lead over competitors that haven’t figured out these great little techniques.

Finally, when everything is running smoothly, employees are trained and you KNOW what “OSHA is looking for”, it’s no longer an ominous threat. If an officer shows up on your doorstep, it’s no big deal and when we say avoid paying unnecessary fines, we mean that if you follow the rules and regulations you won’t pay fines. It is a proven fact and not myth that you CAN avoid paying fines when you do business the right way.

Do you want to be a step ahead of OSHA?  Do you want to avoid paying unnecessary fines?  Unsure about your OSHA compliance practices? Looking for support in maintaining records, building a safety program or implementing OSHA training? Contact The OSHA Connection today for your no-risk assessment of your business.


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